Precise target tracking for
weapon systems

Equinox’s family of trackers are robust to distracters, occlusions, changes in pose, scale, and illumination and do not require a library of targets. Our systems have have been delivered to DoD costumers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force and have been tested to a TRL of 7. By combining the tracking of low-level image features with a model of the target’s motion, we achieve superior aimpoint performance unrivaled in the industry.

Originally designed for the exacting requirements of high-energy laser weapons, our tracking appliances can perform closed-loop coarse tracking and aimpoint maintenance to sub-pixel levels.

Rock solid video stabilization without inertial sensors enables accurate aimpoint tracking through dramatic changes in pose. This shaky aerial video becomes well-behaved and allows the use of weapons with a long engagement timeline.

Combining coarse target tracking with precise aimpoint maintenance, Equinox provides a complete solution for all weapon platforms. Developed especially for use with high-energy lasers, our trackers are equally suitable for guided weapons.

Equinox’s tracking systems are available in a range of performance and capability levels. From a simple object tracker to a high-performance complete tracking and aimpoint maintenance solution we can tailor a solution to fit your tracking needs. With form-factors spanning rack-mount footprints to custom miniature rugeddized packages, we have a tracking solution for your size, weight and power requirements.

Our flexible API allows integration with a variety and sensor and fire-control systems. We can also work with you to integrate with your existing tracking or weapons platform.

Coarse tracker product brief
Aimpoint maintenance product brief

Precise target tracking for weapon systems