Enhanced situational awareness through low-power image fusion

Equinox has been at the forefront of image fusion technology for the past two decades. With systems spanning multispectral remote-sensing imagery to low power fusion for dismounted night-vision, our expertise covers the entire range of domains and applications.

Our fusion systems were developed in close collaboration with government customers, including the US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, and have been tested by both military and civilian clients for battlefield and surveillance use.

Low power fusion of I2 and LWIR video enhances situational awareness for dismounted infantry. Target detection and acquisition times are dramatically reduced, with improved lethality and survivability.

Intelligent real-time fusion of complementary modalities is an asset for driver-vision enhancement. Traffic signs are clearly readable while terrain features and hidden personnel are highlighted.

Equinox’s image fusion technology been developed over two decades of continuous improvement and refinement. Our ultra-low power FPGA-based fusion systems are ideal for battery powered applications and are capable of processing high-resolution high-frame-rate video. A variety of supported interfaces, both digital and analog, allow for seamless integration with your existing sensors package.

We welcome partnerships and licensing opportunities for civilian and military applications. Contact us with your requirement.

Enhanced situational awareness
through low-power image fusion

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