Rapid Target Aquisition

Equinox’s Rapid Target Acquisition technology allows true point-and-shoot engagements by dynamically overlaying weapon-sight imagery on a helmet mounted display. Our ultra-low-power systems has been tested by the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army up to a TRL 7, with outstanding results. The latest-generation Equinox RTA system has been selected by the Army, in partnership with our prime contractor, for inclusion in the new ENVGIII and FWS-I night-vision devices.

Combine visible, I2, SWIR, MWIR or LWIR to create the ultimate multispectral targeting system. Our technology works with most imaging modalities to give you the most flexibility and control.

Using our targeting system, acquisition and engagement times are greatly reduced. According to the U.S Army, “The RTA capability will reduce by up to 50 percent the Soldier’s time from target detection to effective engagement of the threat target with their host weapon.

Equinox’s rapid target acquisition technology has been under continuous development since 2005 and has undergone several design-test spirals. Initially developed for the U.S. Marine Corps, this technology was quickly embraced by the U.S. Army and became a requirement for the latest generation of light thermal weapon sights in 2013. With the benefit of almost a decade of improvement, our FPGA-based targeting solutions achieve the highest performance with the lowest power consumption.

We welcome partnerships and licensing opportunities for civilian applications such as firefighting, surveillance, hunting sights and scopes.

Rapid Target Acquisition